Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Kitche


One of the main reasons why remodeling tends to be un-eco-friendly is because it creates large amounts of waste that ends up in landfills. Additionally, many of the materials used in remodeling projects, from paint to cabinets contain environmentally unfriendly products. AppliancesIf have appliances that are 10-20 years old, then chances are they are not as efficient as most new appliances. If you’ll be replacing your appliances, select only those with the Energy Star approval. Energy saving refrigerators and dishwashers use much less energy compared to older appliances.CountertopsThere are several eco-friendly countertop options:•    Concrete countertops are an eco-friendly choice because concrete is a widely available and renewable resource. Concrete countertops are a popular green countertop option because they are very durable. They also resist most types of damage including chipping, cracking and scratching. •    Ceramic tile is an increasingly popular choice among homeowners. Tile manufacturing doesn’t create pollution, so tiles are considered an eco-option. •    Recycled glass countertops are a wonderful choice for homeowners who seek a highly customizable countertop material. There are numerous options from the type of glass to the vast color selection. BacksplashRecycled glass backsplash tiles are the best in eco-backsplash options. Like countertops, there are many color options and several tile shapes and sizes.CabinetsAny wood cabinets made from reclaimed or recycled wood is eco-friendly. An eco-friendly alternative to cabinet replacement is cabinet refacement. Refacing your kitchen cabinets will keep the old ones out of landfills. WindowsWindows are eco-friendly when they are built to keep the air inside your home and not let any air from the outside get in. Select low-E glazed windows and triple-paned glass windows. Windows in a kitchen are a great way to utilize natural light and will decrease the need for electric lights during the day.SkylightsLike windows, skylights add natural light. Tubular skylights, also known as a sun tube or sun tunnel, are most cost-effective skylights. The skylight resembles recessed lighting fixtures. Because of its small size, a tubular skylight is more energy-efficient than conventional skylights. LightingThere are several ways to make the lighting in your kitchen energy-efficient:•    Install low-voltage lighting fixtures such as mini-pendant light fixtures. •    Place fixtures strategically for the most lighting coverage. •    Use energy-efficient light bulbs such as CFL, xenon or halogen bulbs.FlooringConcrete flooringConcrete floors are an eco-choice because less energy is used in the production of concrete compared to other flooring types. Additionally, they work to reduce energy consumption by keeping homes cooler in the summer and warmer I the winter. Concrete flooring has a long lifespan which will eliminate the need to replace the floor.BambooBamboo is eco-friendly because it has a quick life cycle. Essentially, bamboo is a fast-growing grass. It quickly reaches maturity and replenishes itself, making it an extremely sustainable flooring option.Source: Free Articles from

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